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2016-04-20 09.46.28 Hi! I’m Hicunni! Thank you for staying on deck. Essentials On Deck is a platform where we share tips and strategy on natural living. I am a wife, homeschool mom, and a lover of Jesus. Our family goal is to get back to what God intended.We want to live a life that is full and vibrant, free from harmful chemicals. We don’t always get it right, however, for 8 years we have been on a journey to more of a natural lifestyle. Our children have food allergies and we have learned just by trial and error what works and what doesn’t.

Here you will find what I call, Essentials for Natural Living. In order for you to live a successful lifestyle, you must first start with your health.

These days you can find me at foodallergymamas.com. As a future Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach, I want to be as present as I can to moms that have children with food allergies.

As a food allergy mama myself, it can be a huge task just to get dinner on the table. Come see what us Food Allergy Mamas are up to!


Hicunni Chandler

Food Allergy Advocate

Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach, 2017


P.S. Check us out as guests on the podcast with Shane and Jocelyn Sams of Flipped Lifestyle.

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