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This past weekend, i was granted the opportunity to work as a vendor at Love The Community outreach event at Belk/Tonawanda park in Monroe NC.

Wow, it brought back memories of the outreaches my old church used to sponsor. There were a lot of people who came out.

Everything was free. Bikes were given way, food, clothing, and best of all an opportunity for people to give their lives to Jesus.

There were health organizations and staffing companies providing service just to name a few. I was there to share my passion of natural living. It was so much fun. I had 2 diffusers going.

The the smell of peppermint, purification, and lavender. I was able to educate people on the use of essential oils and give out free samples of some of my favorites to share. My Creative Director and I created new blends and made bath salts and scrubs infused with these new blends.

Super Psyched

They were a hit. We were super psyched at the aroma and how excited people were to receive them. Even the fathers got excited. We had a raffle and gave away 4 nice sized jars of what we created. In addition to the free samples of oils and salts. How cool was that.

Overall many attendees signed up to get tips and strategy on natural living. I have a weekly newsletter where I not only share about essential oils but essentials for living a more natural lifestyle. Not sure what all of that means?

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Looking Back

So you want to know where this love of bath salts and scrubs came from? Well, I’ve always loved anything “pampering”. Often times we would buy salts and scrubs from the store, however there would be only a small percentage of ingredients that were actually beneficial. I would often get different items from parties I would attend as well as samples from friends that were marketing them.


Well, my love was awakened again when my family and I made salts and scrubs for a Make N’ Take party I hosted last December. You make what you want and then you are able to take it home. The ladies were giggling like little school girls overjoyed at their spa creations.

Back To Last Week’s Event

Well, initially I was going to make some healthy treats to give away at the outreach event, and then while discussing with my Creative Director, we both agreed that giving away salts and scrubs would really be a great idea. I mean, who doesn’t like to be pampered?
The best part was seeing some of the attendee’s faces light up and stating that they were going to try it later that night or the fact that they love ‘stuff like this’.

Yes I love what i do. I love educating you on an alternative way of staying above the wellness line and finding chemical free ways to accomplish your personal goals. It is all about finding your ‘healthy’.

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