Animals & S’Mores Oh My!

Step 4_animalsmores

More and more my little girl has developed an interest in watching cooking videos.

A few days ago she shared a s’mores recipe with me that she wanted to try.

Well, since we were a little out of sorts this week due to a loss, I personally wasn’t really into shopping for gluten free graham crackers. We decided on the following ingredients to make our S’mores:

  • GF Animal Crackers
  • Dairy Free Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Butter
  • Mini Marshmallows

Animal S’mores

I thought this would be a lot of fun for kids. Of course, you will have to melt some of the ingredients on the stove…or microwave if that is your heating method of choice.

Step1: Line Up The Animal Graham Crackers



Step 2: Pile On The Melted Marshmallows. Hopefully you wont rush the butter and “marsh” process (like we did)…we just piled it on!!



Step 3: Add Melted Chocolate Chips



Step 4: Add the Animals!



A Piece of the Gooey Goodness!


Where To Purchase Ingredients:

Relevant Resource*

*My daughter wanted to make these, however, I think this would have been too much for the kiddos!
End result: she was quite satisfied by our modified recipe.